About Healing with Ira Lacey

Ira LaceyIra Lacey offers healing services that help you, using Clinical Hypnotherapy, Theta Healing, Spiritual Healing  and Crystal Healing access your inner wisdom and inner resources. With help of hypnosis and Theta Healing you can interrupt patterns, learn from the depth of your own being, and choose to be the best you are meant to be.

My goal is to help to improve my clients health and the quality of life.

A large part of my healing work is helping people overcoming their fears and changing negative believes about themselves and their life into positive ones.

My mission is to help people to achieve a life free from issues and stress. I offer a safe and caring therapeutic environment. I help you to find inner power to turn issues and obstacles into new opportunities.

Please check testimonials from my clients.

Let me help you on your journey today towards mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being and self-empowerment.

You can read more about my life and work here.

Some issues Ira Lacey helps with:

Clinical Hypnotherapy with Ira Lacey

*Weight control *Stress and Anxiety * Improving Relationship  *Starting a new path of life     *Confidence building     *Grief and loss    *Spiritual crisis 

*Clear toxic thoughts     *Remove mental and spiritual blockages   *Depression and Anxiety       

*Soul Healing     *Improve relationship with money     *Breaking dysfunctional patterns of life

*Ancestral Healing

*Various Fears and phobias:

Fear of Being Not Good Enough

Fear of losing control

Fear of death

Fear of Not to Succeed

Fear of intimacy

Fear of flights

Fear of public speaking

and many others.

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