Meditation. How it works?


MeditationMeditation is as core tool for changing lives. It helps to find a stillness and peace inside which is the first step for transformations. Meditation helps to find new insights into your life, life purpose, creative energy. It also helps to relax, reduce stress and anxiety and feel better.


There are many types of meditations as every culture and tradition offers its own techniques of doing it. There is no right or wrong ones, all of them good and have  own values. The best way is to try few and see what suites you now. Your favourite meditations technique might stay with you for life or you might like to try something new as your life changes and you see and feel different.


In Ira’s meditation class we will explore different types of meditations and will experiment with different techniques. It is great way to start your meditation journey or learn a new type of meditation. We will experiment with Vipassana, Tibetan meditations, creative visualisations to enhance your connection with your higher Self, mother Earth, Angels, creative energy and Spirit and others.


The class usually lasts 2 hours. Beginners and experience meditators are welcome!


If you would like more information on on going classes please contact Ira here.



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