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Crystal Healing as a tool for Harmonising Life


Crystals and gemstones been used for thousands years to heal and bring balance in life. Crystal Healing works through resonance and vibration.

Many Crystals contain various minerals that are known for their healing and protective properties. Ancient healers knew that some Crystals are energising and some have calming effect. Some Crystals will calm over-active organs of a body and some Crystals will stimulate sluggish ones.

There are Crystals that will very heal quickly but another Crystals will work much more slowly.

Crystals are excellent for dealing with pains and headaches. There are crystals that will work on problems of digestion system. For example: Moonstone and Citrine with calm upset stomach and heal disturbed digestion.

Crystals affect us on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Providing true holistic healing Crystals will realign subtle energies getting to the root of the problems.

 Crystal Healing and Geopathic Stress

Crystals and healing rocks could be very powerful tool for reducing geopathic stress and negative influence of electro-magnetic fields such as mobile phones for example.

There is a research on nature of earth geopathic stress and how strong it could affect people lives causing sometimes serious diseases such as cancer, depression and many others. In more mild cases constant exposure to geopathic stress slowly deteriates energy field of the body, draining it of vital life force coursing constant headaches, feeling of non satisfaction, blocked creativity and emotional disturbance

As a first aid help place a good quality Black Tourmaline or Smoky Quartz between yourself and source of geopathic stress can magically change your life.

 Crystals for Psychic Protection

Many Crystals could be successfully used for creating a protection at home or office from negative energies and psychic attacks.

Crystal’s role at home and office is to balance energies of people living or working there. Correctly selected good quality Crystals can harmonise relationship between family members of co-workers, helping to co-create a positive and peaceful environment for everyone.

There are many types and shapes of Crystals and many ways they can be used for psychic protection. There are some special techniques, which can create a powerful shield against negative energies entering your environment and body. One of them is Gridding.  Correctly placed Crystals and stones will protect and empower your environment against psychic attacks and negative energies.

Crystal Healing sessions are conducted in person only.  If you would like to have one please contact me to check my schedule and book a session here.

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