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Healing Family Tree

Healing Family Tree Benefits All Family’ Members

Healing Family Tree or Ancestral Healing
is a unique healing work helping to restore health, wealth, well-being and good luck of the Ancestral Healingwhole family.

Families bad luck or continuing  misfortune could be a result of actions of ancestors or family members in the past . The energy of the action had not disappeared but continue running its course. This energy passed with a blood from parents to their children and grandchildren. 

What is Ancestral Healing

Ancestral Healing involves Healing your family and ancestors’ unresolved emotional issues, problems, patterns of behaviour  and traumas.

Healing Family Tree releases you and your family members from any  negative energetic patterns that link you to the past.

It helps to remove the old patterns that can have an inhibiting or disruptive influence on your and your children life today.

In some cases a curse was put on a family or a family member long time ago. Unfortunately the curse will keep running until it is removed and the family and whole ancestral line receive a healing.

Even if a curse giver is diseased the energy of the curse is still running. Curse still needs to be removed and the family needs healing in order to achieve happiness and good fortune.

Sometimes the family problems rooted in the past life.  Particularly if there is no obvious connections of family’s existing  problems to the present time or known family history. Past Life Regression could help to pinpoint the roots of the problems.  In this case Past Life Regression could be a good starting point for Healing Ancestral  Family Tree.

Usually 1-2 sessions help to make major break though. However it depends on each individual case and situation.

If you would like to book a session or discuss your case with Ira please contact her here.

Healing Ancestral Family Tree is not connected to any religious beliefs.

You can read read more about my healing work and experience here.



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