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Clinical Hypnotherapy

How it can help?


MeditationClinical Hypnotherapy is as core tool for changing lives. It helps to find a stillness and peace inside which is the first step for transformations.

Clinical Hypnotherapy helps to heal your issues, find your inner peace, connect with creative energy within. It also helps to relax, reduce stress and anxiety and feel better.

Clinical Hypnotherapy  helps with relationship issues, weight problems, stress and anxiety related issues, lack of confidence and self love.

I successfully use hypnotherapy to heal past lives issues as well as the present ones. 


How Hypnosis Works

Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation of physical body and conscious mind and it also is a state of focused concentration of subconscious mind. During hypnotherapy treatments mental images and powerful therapeutic suggestions are communicated directly to subconscious mind to help patients making positive changes in their lives and address possible health issues.

Typically, under hypnosis your muscles will loosen, your breathing will become slower and deeper and you possibly will a pleasant sense of “drifting away” and detachment from your surroundings. Everyone’s experience is slightly different but you will definitely feel comfortable and related.

During a session you will remain in full control of your thoughts and actions. Clinical hypnotherapy is nothing like the stage hypnosis you might have seen on TV!


What to expect from Hypnotherapy Session?

Although every session is different, the therapist first discusses in some details issues presented and changes the client wants to achieve. At the first session a therapist also will give an indication of how many sessions in her opinion are required to achieve desirable outcome.

During each session a therapist will induce hypnotic state of trance, which is simply an altered state of awareness, in which the client’s attention is focused on inner resources.  In state of trance our mind is very receptive and therapist will make powerful therapeutic suggestions, tailored to the client as a unique individual, to the subconscious part of the client’s mind, in order to achieve the positive outcome.

Typical session lasts about one hour unless otherwise is stated.

If you would like more information  contact Ira here.


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