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Medical Intuition Sessions

Medical Intuition helps to find the cause of a physical or emotional conditions and diseases. Medical Intuitive helps discovering belief systems, feeling and emotions, which caused the problem or created the issues.

Medical IntuitionWorking with client’s personal belief systems Medical Intuitive helps to identify toxic thoughts and feelings and make positive changes helping to eliminate the cause of the issue or diseases.

For example: there are so many cases of infertility when physical bodies are healthy but couples still can’t conceive and declared infertile. There are many reasons for this situation.  The most common one is that a couple rejects a baby on subconscious level and as a result a subconscious mind sends commands to the body to block the consumption. Repeated blockage command only deeper embedding infertility program into subconscious mind.

The logical mind doesn’t understand motivations of the subconscious mind hence the couple has no awareness of the reason of the problem. A medical intuitive in this case would work with both partners individually helping reprogramming their subconscious minds for successful consumption.

Medical Intuition Helps with:

Medical Intuitive helps to address various conditions where conventional medicine can’t help such as IBS, infertility, skin problems, chronic pain and many others.

Medical Intuition gives wholehearted support to cancer and HIV-positive patients, helping them to identify the causes of their conditions and change life supporting successful recovery.

Advice of a Medical Intuitive is not a replacement of professional medical help. However, Medical Intuitive could help to deal with underline issues and speed-up self-healing process in a body.

Ira Lacey is trained and registered Medical Intuitive with Theta Healing, UK Official Registry. Ira Lacey also trained in Medical intuition with the School of Intuition & Healing in London, UK.

Medical Intuition sessions are available in English and Russian languages.

To book your appointment, please contact Ira here.


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