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How Past Life Regression Works?


Past Life Regression is always an intriguing subject. It seems that all of us have some memories or just a hint of memories about our past lives. Sometimes we experience a strong feeling as we already met or know people whom we just seen for the first time from our past life. Sometimes knowledge of the past lives experiences could give explanation of recurring patterns of situations in our present life.


Past Life Regression Sometimes past life experiences could influence on our present health conditions: regular migraines, lower back pain may be connected to old accident or wound. As the soul returns to life over and over again these traumatic memories are re-created in our current life often making no sense, and keeping us from living peaceful lives.


Traumatic past life experiences or unresolved problems could bring to our conscious awareness anxiety, panic attacks, anger, depression, phobias, obsessions, nightmares, emotional outbursts, blocked feelings, self harm, numbness, unexplainable physical pain or recurring relationship problems.


Past Life Regression allows us to see beyond the confusion and illusions of this life and brings about a healing of the past life that resonates into our present life.


Benefits of the Past Life Regression


Hypnotherapy is a perfect tool to experience the Past Life Regression. Past life Regression enables the conflicts from the past lives that have been distorting our mental, emotional and physical well-being to be identified and resolved.

The hypnotherapy works by going to the root of the problem and helps to transform it in a way that is both safe and structured. Regression therapy reaches further and heals deeper at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels than most other therapeutic approaches.


What To Expect from Past Life Regression Session


  • Guided meditation or hypnotic state into a past life
  • Open and directive questions to explore a past life
  • Exploring a Past Life and Healing in the Spirit Realms
  • Working with unfinished business from the past life
  • Find reconciliation and forgiveness in the spirit realms
  • Retrieving and integration of a client’s lost soul-fragments

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At present time Ira Lacey conducts Past Life Regression in India, UK and Russia.

Past Life Regression sessions are held  in Upper Dharamshala, Bhagsunag, Himachal Pradesh, India.

Ira is also available for Past Life Regression session via Skype.

Skype Id: ira.lacey

Please book your Healing in India or abroad session via contact form here



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