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Reprogramming Mind –

Reprogramming Your Life

reprogramming mindReprogramming Your Mind is a cutting edge approach to personal and professional transformations. It brings permanent positive changes in life very quickly.


Reprogramming Mind recognises that our thoughts are the basis of everything. Our beliefs are just thoughts we keep having. If we keep having the same thoughts, cultivating the same beliefs and doing the same things again and again, then we will keep getting the same results that are how patterns of life are created.

 Reprogramming Mind

How it works?

Reprogramming Your Mind works on removing the toxic thoughts and patterns, some of them you are possibly even not aware you have them. It is very likely that your conscious mind has no recollection of something you overheard or have been told as child and your subconscious mind just accepted it as it’s own a long time ago.


In Reprogramming Your Mind we will start with establishing exactly where you are now by testing your existing patterns and unconscious beliefs using muscle testing which is widely and successfully used in kinesiology. After finding out the toxic beliefs Ira using a simple but very effective techniques will help you to change the beliefs and patterns which don’t serve you any longer into more positive and empowering ones.


Remember: it is not possible to change your beliefs without your permission; your subconscious mind will just not accept it.


Once the toxic patterns are removed, you get to choose what picture you wish to bring into your life and together we can create a new positive reality for your life.


Using Reprogramming Mind methods Ira has successfully helped many people to create a new happier life, find new or improve exiting relationships, move to new career where they always wanted to be. Personal health, self-motivation, building confidence and leadership are only few of many possible options, which you might like to explore with the help of Reprogramming Your Mind.


If you would like to have a session with Ira please contact her by phone or e-mail  here.





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