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Testimonials from Ira’s Clients

The changes were pretty immediate – having beliefs changed about doing some things that seemed to be a mountain are now easy to do.  I feel that I can go out and do the things I want to do and be the person I want to be without being held back and that instead of self-sabotaging, I can now move forward.

I no longer feel lack in some parts of my life, instead I appreciate the abundance that was already there, but not noticed by me.  Thank you, Ira!

 KG, London


Ira has a wonderful, sensitive, intuitive approach to Theta healing which puts me very much at ease and I have complete confidence in her.   She’s helped me bring about profound change in my life and has set me on my new healing pathway.   I would not hesitate to recommend her.   Everyone should experience this!

AM, London


You have changed my perspective and direction. I will be back.
Thank you.

BAL, Surrey


I have 4 sessions with Ira and since then my relationship with my dad has been changing.

He had a problem with money and I have been helping him, then I did a forgiveness thing as I realised I was being hard with him. Then today my dad actually gave me a compliment. He said how nice I look.

SD, Manchester


I was very sceptical about Theta Healing and what it can do for me; even though few of my friends tried it and recommended me to do it. I had 5 sessions with Ira and as result my sleep improved greatly, I feel better, more relaxed and less anxious. I feel much easier about meeting new people and even my family noticed the difference.

Thank you, I will recommend you to all my friends!

CG, London


I only had one session with Ira and amazingly I don’t have jet-lags any more… I can’t believe but it works. I have to fly regular for my job and jetlags was a problem for me as I needed to recover few days after each flight. Since my session I had few long haul flights and  every time I felt fresh and  my body was instantly adapted to the local time. I recommend everyone who suffers from jet-lags to try it.

WR, Essex


I was not sure what to expect from my session but Ira made me feel comfortable and relaxed. After the session a felt so much better and happier, my health improved too. Bless you and I am happy to recommend you to everyone.


AS, Croydon


Ira is very friendly and understanding therapist. I was looking forward to my sessions with her and I am amazed with results we achieved in such short period of time. All my friends noticed the difference in me. I started to enjoy my life! Thank you.

LF, London


I don’t usually go for complimentary therapies but my friend recommend me to see Ira for weight loss. It was much easier then I expected and changes started to happen very quickly. I don’t feel embarrassed about my body now and I can eat my food without feeling guilty and anxious. I learned a great deal about myself. Thank you.


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