Theta healing for pregnancy and childbirthTheta healing can very useful modality to support pregnant or wishing to become pregnant women. A pregnancy is a very important period in life of every woman. Sometimes pregnancy could be very challenging emotionally and physically. Theta healing can help to find inner peace and tranquillity to a future mum. Theta healing addresses issues of subconscious mind and helps to reprogram toxic thoughts and negative beliefs which sometimes could be triggered by pregnancy. Theta healing helps to overcome fears associated with pregnancy and childbirth.

Personal empowering and conversion of fears into strength with Theta healing will help future mums to enjoy this important and very special time in their lives. Theta healing can help with:

  • cooping with difficult pregnancy
  • fears of childbirth
  • accepting your baby
  • rites of passage into new stage of life
  • help with morning sickness
  • understand spiritual significance of pregnancy and childbirth
  • program mind for easy childbirth
  • accept universal knowledge of Cycles of Life
  • connection to line of ancestors

Changing negative beliefs and dealing with negatives emotions are easy with Theta healing and you will have a significant improvements even after just one Theta healing session.